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Hillsboro, KS 67063

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Russell Groves, Proprietor




My last oil press is sold, and so is my last Fuel Meister single tank.  I have one remaining dual tank Fuel Meister II

Renewal Fuels dealers are selling these Fuel Meister II’s  $3895 dual.  I’ll let this one go for $3395, if you just want a good biodiesel processor.   Here’s the factory site, if you want more info on them. http://www.fuelmeister.com/

Remaining inventory

GM 6.2L engine, low mileage (20,000 miles or so) takeout from military Humvee.  The military 24V electricals have been removed, and the engine is ready to install.  Asking $500, and there’s only one left.


Fanning mill, new uncrated,  nice looking, no power source so you can belt it up to a motor.   Yours for $1500 here in Kansas.


Pellet mill is sold.

Listeroid 6/1 is sold.


Email me for photos. rgroves@flinthillsdiesel.com


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